Never Stand Alone, USA networks with Plain communities, survivors, and advocates across the country to respond to pleas for assistance with reporting sexual abuse and pursuing justice. This process is different for each victim. For some, it may mean disclosing their abuse in a safe environment or to law enforcement, and NSA will work with local victim advocates to meet their unique needs, including finding local translators and counseling services. Sometimes, we'll find someone to accompany the victim as they navigate local law enforcement and related services, which can be especially intimidating for people who were raised in Plain communities.

Your support will help with travel and admin costs so we can meet with victims who may not have secure access to transportation, phones, computers, social media, or traditional means of communication.



If a victim decides to pursue justice through the legal system, NSA will work to help communicate with law enforcement, including local police, attorneys, prosecutors, and the media if necessary. Traditionally, abuse cases from Plain communities get ignored or dismissed because of pressure by bishops to let them handle accusations in-house, without interference from law enforcement. This has only proved to perpetuate abuse. NSA will advocate on victims' behalf to encourage prosecutors to follow through with these cases.

Your support will help us travel to stand with victims when they face their perpetrators in court, prepare impact statements, and rally other advocates and the media to join us.



At NSA, we believe in building strong, healthy communities where survivors feel empowered to take charge of their lives and help stop the cycle of abuse. Plain survivors who come forward are often ex-communicated and shunned by their families and friends, and forced to leave behind the only lives they've ever known. Most lack education and fear that taking off their head coverings will result in God striking them dead. For many, English is a second language and they may not even have a copy of their own birth certificate. In addition, they often suffer from severe PTSD, a result of living in communities where sexual abuse is often ignored and even encouraged.

NSA's mission is to help victims of sexual abuse cross the bridge to freedom, and welcome them into a safer community of survivors and advocates where they can find the support they need to build new lives.

With your support, NSA can continue to build a national network of people and resources to help these brave survivors on their journey to justice and healing.


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