Support for Jeffrey Epstein survivors


Never Stand Alone traveled to NYC this past weekend to join survivors in support of #EpsteinJustice & #SurvivorsSupportingSurvivors in front of the courthouse where #GhislaneMaxwell is on trial.

We were honored to meet dedicated advocates, activists & journalists from all over the county and Canada, including:

Suzanne Isaza  Anne M. Lauren Maria Socolof Author Incestaware Nick Bryant  Chris Hedges Adrian Dannhauser  Survivors Standing with Survivors  

Thank you Tim Lennon  & Hope Healing and Transformation  for helping us complete this leg of our journey.

Whether we come from farms, cities or slums ...

Whether we voted red or blue ...

Whether we choose to be vaccinated ...

Whether our abusers were preachers, family members, or movie stars ...

Whether we're married, divorced, gay or straight ...

Nothing is more powerful than survivors standing in solidarity, determined to change the circumstances that brought us together. But grateful to be found.



Molly Maeve

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